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NETS offers new time & money saving service


New England Trial Services is committed to providing you with quality service and a professional work product. Our videographers have produced thousands of deposition videotapes and participated in hundreds of trial presentations and depositions.

We use broadcast quality equipment and adhere to the legal video production standards of the National Court Reporters Association. Our technicians have presented evidence in courtrooms all over New England.  

Unlike many nationwide firms, we have trial technicians based in Boston and do not have to import them from other areas. We are your roadies providing the top of the line document imaging, equipment, set up, production,video editing, presentation, and duplication for your depositions and court room presentations; that frees you to focus your precious time on the legal aspects of your case.

New England Trial Services customizes presentation packages to fit your needs and any budget to minimize the overwhelming costs of depositions and trials.

... top of the line video production and presentation


Recent NETS Cases

NETS has been instrumental in the success of a number of recent headline cases in the Suffolk, Middlesex, and Bristol Superior Courts along with the Massachusetts U.S. District Court.

Massachusetts Tobacco Fee Litigation ~ Misdiagnosed Breast Cancer
Gas Explosion/Wrongful Death ~ Reggie Lewis Wrongful Death Case
Relafen Antitrust Litigation ~ Patent Infringement

Doesn't your next case deserve the NETS top of the line treatment too?

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